3 Easy Ways To Make Your DIY Site Look Professional

First of all, way to go on getting yourself a website. Having a website is super important for your business. In this post, I laid out some reasons why.

Second of all, going the DIY route? Kudos! As a small business owner, you’ve got enough to do, so taking care of this on your own, that is pretty special!

You’ve done something wonderful for your business and in a very special way. If you’re keen to kick things up a notch and make your DIY site standout, this is the post for you.

Here, I will show you 3 quick, easy ways you can add, what I like to call, a little professional polish to your DIY Squarespace website. Implementing these three changes will separate you, in your potential client’s and customer’s mind from the hobbyists and the pros.

Let’s get started!


The favicon, or Browser Icon, might be a new term but, it’s probably something you’ve seen a few times. It’s the little icon that lives in the corner of your browser window.

On some browsers, like Safari, these are visible in the address bar itself, so sometimes the favicon is not visible. Since we cannot always control how our site visitors arrive on our site, it’s a good idea to cover our bases.

By default, Squarespace placed their own where yours should be. This is valuable branding real estate so, you’ll want to claim it for your own.

Also, without a favicon up there, a website looks unfinished, and not just to site visitors but to other sites like social media. Pinterest loves a website with one of these, and they give it a little extra branding room, too!

To add your favicon, head over to this post!

Professional Email Address

After adding a favicon to your site, the next step to a polished site is an email address that ends with your domain. Instead of “@gmail.com” you want “@yourdomain.com.”

For example, my domain name is: https://www.studiobianca.co

My email address is then, “hello at studiobianca.co”

With Squarespace annual subscriptions, your first year of GSuite is free, and this includes Gmail. You can get a professional email your first year for free, or for as little as $6 per month if you are not on an annual plan with Squarespace.

Discover why this is a great investment and super important, here!

Powered By Squarespace Badge

Okay, so the last one on this list is the Squarespace badge. You’ll find this one at the bottom of your site where it reads, “Powered by Squarespace.”

This one is kind of a dead giveaway to a DIY Squarespace website. You are now a paid member, and you’ve worked heard to give yourself some promotion and help with your business, so let’s get rid of this.

To remove the Powered by Squarespace Badge, follow these steps:

Step 01: Make sure you are logged into your Squarespace account

Step 02: If you have more than one Squarespace website, make sure you select the right one.

Step 03: From the HOME MENU of the site you’re removing the badge from click Design.

Step 04: Next, click Squarespace Badge.

Step 05: Click on the dropdown menu and click to place a checkmark on Disable Squarespace Badge.

Voila! No more, “Powered by Squarespace” changing the vibe of your site.


  • Without a Squarespace Web Designer, your DIY site can still look professional.

  • Add a Favicon to your website to fully utilize branding opportunities, appear like the professional you are, and get a little more recognition from social media sites.

  • Having a professional email is super important and sends a strong message about you and your business.

  • The Powered by Squarespace badge is an easy to remove giveaway.

  • WIth a few finishing touches, your site can look pro!

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