Top 5 Podcasts for Women in Business

There are a lot of podcasts out there. They come in all shapes and sizes, too. While on the hunt for reliably good content, there are a few I’ve kept a close eye on.

Doing a podcast is hard work. In grad school, a friend of mine and I created our own. From that experience I’ve learned to appreciate the dedication it takes to produce a podcast. It takes a lot to continue to show up and offer helpful advice, reliably.

There are definitely some standouts on this list. There are some podcasts that are great for a topic here and there, and then there are others that are worth subscribing to. Below is a list of the podcast I consider to be tops for female business owners.

  1. The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon - I had to tell you about this one first! Julie Solomon is an author and PR expert who has turned her focus to the world of influencer marketing. Solomon helps influencers get paid and establish standards for the world of influencer marketing.

    The Influencer Podcast is not exclusively for influencers though Solomon’s content is created with them in mind. Because Solomon interviews a wide variety of experts in the world of online business, her content is relatable and adaptable. She interviews the best and will at times address tough questions the world of online business faces.

  2. Being Boss - Business besties Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson started this podcast a few years ago. Since Being Boss started, it created waves. There’s a Being Boss book, online hub, live in-person getaways, and more. These ladies just keep building and growing.

    Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson have an infectious style: There is no fluff here. They share real, no nonsense experience to share and attract guests with equally bold ideas to help with their listener’s business. Word of caution though, if you’re not ready to go after your dreams, this podcast is not for you. These ladies are partially responsible for my leap from digital marketing to web design, lol!

  3. Myleik Teele’s Podcast - Another no nonsense, fluff-free podcast. Myleik Teele will tell it like it is and in a very supportive, helpful way. She’s like the friend who will tell the truth that may be a little hard to hear and makes us better for it. Teele dishes out hope and guidance in the sometimes lonely world of business ownership.

  4. Marie Forleo’s Podcast - Oprah approved, Marie Forleo is the mother of heart-centered and guided entrepreneurship. She arrived here in a roundabout way gathering lots of wisdom to share along the way. More than inspired conversation, Forleo offers strategies for living your best self in your business and your life.

  5. The Strategy Hour Podcast - Another set of business besties who started a podcast. Abagail and Emylee started their business after meeting online. They offer lots of helpful tips for creative entrepreneurs and women in business. They use some of my favorite tools for business like, Squarespace and Trello so, bonus if you use these in your business, too - you’ll get plenty of hacks to implement in your business.

Do you have a favorite podcast? What is your go-to?