Every Page of Your Website Needs This One Thing + How to add it to your site!

If you’re wondering how to turn your website into a lead-generating, conversion machine, you’re in the right place. If you’re wondering what the next steps are in building a profitable website for your brand, you’re also in the right place. Welcome!

In a previous post I mentioned that I’d be writing a series of posts that will take the confusion out of the Squarespace website design process. Getting the website of your dreams does not have to be an overwhelming experience, and I’ve created a system that ensures it isn’t.

Many of the steps I’m covering in this series are the same ones I go through with my clients. Before we get to choosing colors and fonts, my clients and I discuss their business so we’re on the same page when it comes to creating a purposeful site. 

Setting a goal or two for a website was discussed in the last post, so if you missed, head on over to that one and read it first. This step will be a whole lot easier once clarifying your goals for your site has been done.

In this post it’s all about Calls to Action (CTA). This post will cover the following:

  • What is a CTA

  • Why are they important

  • What they do

  • How to add one

Bonus: If you already have CTAs on your site, this post will help you discover how they’re performing and if you have enough.

Let’s get started!

What is a CTA

A CTA is an acronym for Call to Action. This term is used frequently in the online business world, and for good reason. 

Generally speaking, a goal of online business is to motivate prospective customers and clients to take action. The CTAs we place on our websites in the forms of buttons help guide individuals and enable them to take the actions we want them to take.

Why are they important

Without a CTA on your website, your site visitor is wondering what to do next. 

Have you ever visited a website and the experience led you nowhere? We don’t want that for your website. You want to create pathways to next steps, and placing CTAs on your site will help make this happen.

What does a CTA do

A CTA on your website accomplishes several things.

In brief, CTAs can help accomplish the following:

  • Generate new leads

  • Create sales

  • Segment site visitors

  • Build email lists

  • Designate interest in products or services

CTAs allow for the exchange between you and your site visitor to happen. 

How to add a CTA

While it may seem sales-y to add a button or text on your website calling out an action you want site visitors to take, you’re actually being really helpful to your site visitors. 

CTAs aren’t intrusive - they don’t pop up or follow your visitors around, lol! Instead they’re placed intuitively and help you offer a great client or customer experience right out of the gate.

If someone does not want to click on your button or text, they don’t have to, and it won’t interrupt their experience if they don’t. The important thing is, your addition and placement of CTAs were available to help them take the next step if and when they want to.

So, let’s create opportunities for next steps on your website!

Step 1: Make sure you’re logged into your Squarespace website

Head on over to: https://account.squarespace.com/

If you have more than one site, select the site you want to add CTAs to.

Step 2: Navigate to Pages

Once you’re on the site the CTAs will be added to, click PAGES. Select a page from your list of site pages to work with. For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s go with your home page.

Step 3: Edit your page and add your CTA

You may have noticed that a lot of websites out there, especially service-based businesses, will have a button that appears in the top area of their website ( the header or the hero). This is a great place to add a CTA.


It’s okay to have multiple CTAs on a single page, and you may find that for your business, it makes perfect sense to have a few.

For example, on my home page I offer opportunities for two types of clients that visit my site:

  • Someone who is ready to take action and needs to get in touch right away

  • Someone who needs more information before they make a decision

Another reason why you might have more than one CTA on a page is if you offer more than one service, or maybe you have different service bundles offered as packages, and if you sell physical products, your site will have lots of CTAs on a page.

A couple of pages on your site where only one CTA should appear is on your sales/services page where the logical next step is to begin the contact/booking process or an opt-in page. On these pages, your goal is to eliminate distractions which helps your site visitors.

If you do have an opt-in page on your site, consider using a cover page. Cover pages are great for single-actions and are likely included in your Squarespace plan.

For more info on What a cover page is and how to create one, check out these two posts:

20 Business-Building Uses for Squarespace Cover Pages

How to Create a Cover Page in Squarespace

Okay, so back to editing your page.

Move your cursor to the page and once the option to edit appears, click on it to begin. Locate the area you want to add your CTA and once the insertion point appears click on it.

A dialog box will appear with a menu of options. Select button.


Step 4: Edit your button and create a pathway

With your shiny new button added to your page, we need to add a few details to make this baby work for us!

Once the button is added, a new box will pop us. A few things we’ll want to add:

  • The text we want to appear on our button

  • Where the button will lead

  • The size of the button

  • Alignment of the button


Go ahead and add something catch, conversational or direct to your button.

Next add the link where it should go. Usually this will be content within your site such as a link to your services page, about page, or your shop. 

Lastly, you can adjust the size of your button here. For additional adjustments, pop on over to the Style Editor and search for button. There you can customize the font and color.

Once that is done, click SAVE and you’re voila!

You now have a CTA on your home page. 

If it makes sense, continue adding additional CTAs to your page. You can add these to either the content on the page, the bottom of the page, or like we just did in this tutorial, add it at the top!

CTA Bonus Round

Okay, so earlier in this post I promised a bonus for those of you who already have CTAs on your site. We’re now going to check yours to see if your site has enough.

We can break it down like this:

You’ll want to have at least one CTA per page, so if you have 5 pages on your site, each page should have one.

For example, your home page would have one, something like “learn more,” your contact page would have a “submit” button so individuals can send you there details. Check your pages to ensure that each page leads to the next step.

If any of your pages are missing a CTA it’s time to take a moment to edit your site and add one to every page.

As you do this, just think, “what do I want my potential client to do next?” This will help you create your CTAs.


CTA is an acronym for Call To Action.

A CTA answers the question “what’s next” for your site visitors. They help guide people through your site and make it easy to begin an exchange with you and your business.

Every page should have at least one CTA. You can have more than one per page with a couple of exceptions - any pages devoted to opt-ins and your sales page.

With the use of buttons or text, adding a CTA to your Squarespace website is easy.

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