What To Expect When You Hire A Web Designer

Before you take the leap and hire a squarespace web designer, you may want to know what to expect.

Get the lowdown on what it is actually like to work with a designer one on one?

Since web design has been with us for a bit now, there are some pretty standard practices one can anticipate.

That said, every web designer is different.

Each one has their own unique approach, style, and process.

Designers even have different timelines, prices, and payment schedules.

In this post, I go behind-the-scenes and share my process and what you can expect when you hire a web designer.

Let’s dive in 🙌🏽!

Step 01: The Complimentary Consultation

This is usually the first introduction between a potential client and a web designer. If a new client is a referral, the lovely person who connects the potential client and the designer will often facilitate an introduction.

Before any project begins, the potential client and I have a chat. We spend about 30-minutes discussing needs, wants, goals, and timelines.

It’s important to get clear on these aspects upfront since it helps to establish expectations.

The consult call is definitely not a one-way street; the potential client has this time to ask me any questions they might have. I like to ensure that the person I am speaking with is heard since it’s their time, too!

Step 02: Spot in calendar secured

If both myself and the client decides to move forward with a project, the client pays a deposit. This secures their place in my studio’s calendar.

I send along a contract that both myself and the client signs, my welcome packet, and an email with onboarding details.

Step 03: Project management

Transparency is one of my core values, and this is built into Studio Bianca.

For every client, I give access to my project management system, Trello. It’s a great way to stay connected during the project.

With Trello in place, there’s never any question about the progress of the project or what items are needed to complete the web site.

Big relief 😅!

From here on out, there’s another opportunity for clear communication and collaboration.

Any files, notes, comments, feedback, or content can be added to our shared Trello board.

Step 04: Inspiration and vision

Creating the perfect website is my ultimate goal.

I know that I am not simply creating a home on the web for your business but a support system for your livelihood. I do not take this lightly.

So that I can create a website that looks and feels like your vision, I ask for some inspiration from you.

Once I receive these details from you, we hop on the phone and disscuss all the inspired goods you’ve sent my way 🥰.

At this stage, I get even more excited than I already was and begin drafting up some ideas.

Step 05: Strategy!

In this step I add a little utility to the aesthetics and create a strategy for your website.

Your site isn’t simply pretty; it’s powerful!

I create a design strategy document and share with you the vibe of your site. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged here.

Step 06: Homepage

Once the design strategy document is finalized I create the homepage of your website. This is shared with you for feedback.

In my process I do not have a limitation on edits and revisions.

After the homepage design is finalized, I then design the rest of the site and share it with you.

Step 07: All the techy stuff

Along the way, I take care of quite a few technical details 🤓.

I talk more about all the backend details in this post. Basically, there are very few details throughout the whole process that you have to be concerned with.

My web design process is an all inclusive package designed to take the stress off your shoulders.

Just before I turn over your new site to you, I wrap up everything so you have a site that’s ready to go!

Step 08: Launch

Once all the final revisions are done and I’ve taken care of all the technical nitty gritty, we 🎉🎊launch🎊🎉!

I give you a full tutorial of your site so you will be able to run it like a pro.

There’s plenty of time to ask questions during our 1 hour training session.


Step 09: Wrap up

I compile all of your files and send them your way.

I give you access to a page that is just for you with videos on how to use your site, just in case you need a refresher.

Voila! That’s what it is like to work with me, a Squarespace web designer, and what you can expect.


  • Every designer has their own approach to a project.

  • My approach is created with the busy, small business owner in mind.

  • As a small business owner myself, I can completely understand and relate to my clients.

  • Since my goal is to deliver your dream website, I’ve thought through the steps that best support this goal.

  • Studio Bianca offers an all-inclusive web design process that takes the stress out of getting a website and makes it fun!