Online Business Review: July 2019

My July Online Business Review for July is a little late, and it feels appropriate. Considering how this year has been going, it’s no surprise to me that the month ended before I could even say goodbye. July just sort of up and left! 

Anyone else feel 2019 is cruising right along?

2019 kicked into high gear several months ago and hasn’t slowed down since. April flew on by as did May, and June. Now, July is steadily fixed in the rearview mirror. 

Where has this year been going?

As long as I have to ask that question, these Online Business Reviews hold their importance, lol! So, in this whirlwind, Studio Bianca has had some changes to share. Let’s take a peek behind the scenes of a female led online business and it’s happenings from this past July.

online business: what worked

I switched from MailChimp to ConvertKit. Like many a new business owner, I first started out using MailChimp. It’s free and seems relatively easy to get going. If I had a fairly basic list and very simple needs, MailChimp and I would probably still be hanging out. 

The needs of Studio Bianca changed. I like offering up as much help as I can to those who need it. Currently, I have two downloads that can help others with two areas: a step-by-step outline of how to build a website - the same process I take my clients through, and tools needed to run an online business.

Unfortunately, MailChimp does not make it easy to distribute these downloads to those who want them. After too many stressful hours of trying to make MailChimp work, I came to realize that it just isn’t built to fulfill the needs of my business has. 

My business outgrew MailChimp. 

Like many online businesses - from bloggers to course creators, I made the switch to ConvertKit. Within a few hours of being a new user, I had to contact support. I couldn’t believe that sending individuals my downloads was so easy. I thought I might have been missing a few steps. The friendly team at ConvertKit assured me that I wasn’t missing any steps at all.

ConvertKit is that easy to use. 

So, now I feel that anyone growing both a business and creating community online needs to know about ConvertKit. I became an affiliate and spread the word, regularly. 

If you’re tired of racking your brain with MailChimp or you do not have a service yet at all, check out ConvertKit - it’ll save you a lot of time and prevent any unnecessary stress.

Check it out here: Try ConvertKit! (yes, that’s an affiliate link)

So this switch has been a productive high for the month of July. Currently I’m working through a new productive challenge. Summer proved to be a busier time than I’d prepared for.

online business: What didn’t work

I’m always grateful to be busy. I love to help people and see women get out there and run things. This summer I took on a lot of projects and a few things behind the scenes began to suffer. This blog was one of them. 

Remaining consistent with my blog is a high priority. Creating posts is a time-consuming as well as a pleasant process. In today’s terms, I might as well run two businesses - Studio Bianca the Squarespace Web Design business and Studio Bianca the Squarespace and Online Business for Women blog. And the more I blog, the more I discover what my process is, especially when it comes to what’s working and what isn’t. 

Recently I discovered a tool called ClickUp. ClickUp is like Asana and Trello, offering all the best features of both tools in one app. What might not be so wonderful and fabulous about Asana, ClickUp has fixed. They’ve done the same with Trello, too! 

Trello is a great tool, and it’s hard to beat. The one thing about it that doesn’t exactly work for me is all the boards to the right. If you use Trello like I do, then you’re probably already familiar.

Once you’re inside of a board, there’s a whole bunch of cards inside there. It’s possible to keep adding more cards to the right of one card. So if you’ll image standing in front of a whiteboard and you’re adding Post-It notes to the whiteboard. For each separate topic, a new Post-It is added. IRL, that whiteboard is finite, but Trello can just keep on going. This can lead to a bit of disorganization.

No bueno!

So, I’m experimenting with ClickUp. Once I get a good sense of what’s going on, and if it works out really well, I’ll share more details on this project management tool. In the meantime, I’m still using Trello.


July was a good, productive month, and I’m sad to see it go. August is already proving itself to be a pretty robust month, too, so we’ll see in a few weeks how everything will go. 

Even though I’m out of school and there aren’t any little ones around to put me into the spirit, August still holds that new year feeling for me. Summer will start to wind down soon and before I know it, Halloween will be here! 

As I write this, the trees outside of my studio window are already beginning to change and fall to the ground.

My goodness!

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