8 Actionable Tips To Help You Choose A Domain Name

Since the Internet has become a normal, regular aspect of our day-to-day lives, claiming online space for our own is easy, and naming it is another. Snagging the perfect domain name has become a well-known competitive activity.

Choosing a domain name for your online business is no easy task. The thing is, it’s kind of always been this way. A solid domain name is important, and there are a few things one can do to make step a breeze!

The good news is that as online business grows, more options become available. These options give us ways of obtaining something closer to what you actually want.

Instead of settling, check out the list below to guide you through your domain acquiring journey!

Tip #1: Make a list!

Whether digital or old school pen and paper, start keeping a list of names for your online business. Keep this list handy when it comes handy when it comes time to purchasing your domain name.

You’ll want to with you when it comes time to buy your domain. Have your favorite ready and a few back-ups at the ready.

Tip #2: Keep it relevant

A domain is not too distant from your business name selection in that it’s a good idea to go with a name that is relevant to your business.

Tip #3: Short is sweet

When it comes to domain names, keep it on the short side. You’ll say your domain name quite a bit, whether sharing this business detail over the phone, in-person, or online, your domain name will be an intrinsic part of your brand. The name will come up often.

Tip #4: Say it out loud

Don’t wait until it is already purchased before saying it out loud. Is it possible your domain name could be misinterpreted? Could there be alternate spellings that have to be explained?

You’ll want your domain name to be as accessible as possible. Ensure there are as few obstacles to reach your business online.

Tip #5: Buy from a reputable brand, and separately

While it is convenient to purchase your domain name from Squarespace, I strongly recommend purchasing your domain name from a domain name provider, outright.

For years I have used and known of Hover. They’re based in the States, have been around since the internet was a thing, and their pricing is upfront and reasonable.

Also, their support is fabulous!

Tip #6: Do not search your chosen name a lot

Before you buy, it might be tempting to search your name a few times. This is part of why it’s important to keep a list of possible domain names.

When you’re ready to purchase your domain, this is the time to check things out. Once you have found your domain, buy it! Do not let it sit for long because it might not be available later.

There are billions of web pages out there, and they all have names.

Tip #7: DOT com isn’t the only option

If you’re looking for your name with “.com” at the end and it isn’t available, there are alternatives.

To get a little technical, the “.com” is called an extension, and it is just one of the many extensions available to you. Hover does a good job of sharing this information with you, too!

When I went searching for my domain name, “.com” was not available so, I went with “.co.” It also made sense for my business.

Some domain extensions might work so well like, “.org” or “.net.” If you have a non-profit, than .org works, perfectly. “.net” is short for network, and is usually used for technical web pages.

You’ll probably still see “.net” used for commercial endeavors, ahem, “.com” but you’ll want to stick with something that is more aligned with your industry. These days, industries and creative pursuits have their own extensions.

There are also cities like, “.la” for Los Angeles. City extensions are wonderful for strictly local businesses.

Bonus: Keep your old domain connected

If you are changing domains, you will want to keep your old domain. This is especially important if you update content regularly like a blog or podcast. It’s pretty simple to hang onto the old domain name and simply redirect your domain to your new domain.

Good luck with your search and winning your new domain!

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