Why a Professional Email Address is Essential


Remember in the early days of your creative business when it became apparent that an email address was needed for handling basic communication needs? That free email service suited your daily activities just fine. It handled the occasional coordination of events and exchanges between clients and customers, beautifully.

Jump to present day and things have changed. Now you’re firing off multiple emails to a variety of contacts such as vendors, collaborators, and press, hourly.

A lot of eyes are looking at your business now, and yourcosmicbusiness@gmail.com email address. It’s still an efficient form of contact but it may not be giving off the right vibe for you as a professional with a super successful brand.

With your heavy schedule, the mere thought of making any changes to the flow of communications makes you want to reach for your favorite adaptogen herbal blend. I understand, completely.

So, why even bring it up?

There are good reasons why upgrading to a professional email address is a good idea. It’s a magic move for your business that will reward you for many emails to come.

Also, it’s easier than you may think. With a Squarespace account it’s pretty painless. GSuite is one of Squarespace’s integrations, so getting started is a breeze. They make it simple to look like the pro you are!

Take a look at why a change to a professional email address is worth considering.

1.People take notice

Think of all the places your email address appears. It’s one of those front and center assets to your business. It’s prominently displayed on your business cards, invoices, social media accounts, and professional profiles, to name a few. Any space that is given for your contact information there your email address will be.






Your email address, including your free one, is a piece of your branding. It’s an active part of your messaging and contributes to the overall impression of your business.

3.You have your own website

Have you ever landed on someone’s gorgeous website only to discover their email address is still theirbusinessname@gmail.com? The site owner invested in a site for their business, but they didn’t take things just one step further to create a holistic view of their online presence. Suddenly, their site appears unfinished.


4.Customer/Client Experience

Your own branded email address gives the perception of professionalism. Whether someone is purchasing your wares or contacting you about your services, your email is an initial indicator of your credibility. The individual is aware that they are in the hands of someone who is established and prepared to do business.  

Plus, if anyone you do business with is referring one of their contacts to you, they don’t have to answer any questions about your legitimacy.

5.Own your success

When starting out, a free email address is just fine. If you’ve been doing your thing for a while now, you should own that. Starting, running, and operating a creative business is no small task.

What you have started is not simply surviving, it’s thriving. Embrace and celebrate this!

Have you made the switch yet? Let me know in the comments below!


  • A professional email address goes a long way in establishing the credibility of your brand. It builds trust between you and the other professionals, businesses, clients, and customers encountered throughout the life of your business.

  • A professional email address sets the tone for doing business with you and your brand. The switch from your @gmail.com to @yourbusinessname.com is well worth the minor adjustment.

  • Your business should absolutely reflect its true state of being - established, organized, and legitimate.

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