Why Mobile View is an Important Part of Your Squarespace Website Design

Recently, I did a search for a local business online. Like many of us, I was on the go when I needed some information. Fortunately, we’ve got our mobile devices to help us out in situations like this, right?

We’re not alone. Sources tells us that more than 50% of all searches are done on mobile. More people are searching for information on their cell phones and tablets than their desktop computers.

These facts are great to have in mind when creating a website. It’s important to think of how a website will look on a mobile device and utilize technology that supports all devices and screen sizes. If there’s one tool that can help with this, all the better!

The shop I wanted to go to did have a website. After search results came up I visited the website to find out its hours and location before making my way over there.

Unfortunately, I never made it over to the shop. Why? I couldn’t get answers to my questions because their website was impossible to use on my cellphone. It was built with only desktop computer viewers in mind, and it was obvious.

Have you ever had this experience?

You’re looking at a website on your phone or tablet and the text overlaps and jumbles together? Other text areas are cut off by the screen? The navigational menu is buried beneath the text so you can’t access?

You were likely on a website that was created on and for desktop views only. Perhaps it was even mobile-friendly rather than mobile-responsive.

Let me explain the difference between mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive.

Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website is simply a smaller version of your site as viewed on your laptop or desktop computer. It is meant to shrink itself in order to be viewable on a smaller screen.

Not everything is going to fit the same on the screen of a mobile device. Sometimes text, images, graphics, and video are sacrificed in order to reflect a smaller version of your site.

This doesn’t mean things are simply arranged differently. It does mean that sometimes these elements will either not be visible at all or will compete for space with one another.

In order for people to use this kind of site on a mobile device like a cell phone or a tablet, one has to zoom in or pinch the screen with their fingers.

For a real life example of this, WiX sites are mobile-friendly.

Mobile Responsive

A mobile-responsive site is built to be flexible. Regardless of the which web browser a website is viewed on, Safari or Chrome for example, the site will appear the same. It will also appear the same across all devices whether a laptop, cellphone, or tablet.

When looking at your site on different screens, you’ll notice that all the different elements like text, images, graphics, video will all adjust to the smaller size without competing for space.

All Squarespace sites are mobile responsive. This takes a lot of complicated guesswork out of creating a site on the platform.

As long as we know where to look and can recognize a few key terms, a mobile responsive site is simple to achieve.

How to view your Squarespace site in mobile view

Now that you know the difference and the importance of a good mobile experience, you might be wondering how your Squarespace site will look in mobile view.

I’ve got you covered.

Squarespace gives 3 different views while you are in edit mode - mobile, tablet, and desktop. Check out the short video below on how to view your Squarespace site on mobile. I also show you where to make mobile edits in Squarespace’s Style Editor.


  • As you are building your site, you will want to check mobile view often to see how pages look.

  • Use the Style Editor to make tweaks and edits to your mobile view. Design > Style Editor.

  • Check your website in different views - Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop - on different devices and browsers like, Chrome and, Safari, and Internet Explorer or Edge.

Are you creating a user-friendly site for your mobile visitors? Learn how to see what your website visitors see so you can keep them on your site longer and invite them to be your customer.

How are you designing your site with mobile users in mind?

Let me know in the comments below!


  • More than half of all internet searches are done via mobile devices. Having a website that functions well and looks good on all devices and screens is important.

  • If individuals cannot access information from their devices, they may leave your site. We want the websites we have invested in to be user-friendly.

  • Creating a mobile-responsive website vs. a mobile-friendly invites potential clients and customers to do business with us.

  • Squarespace is a mobile-responsive platform that allows us to view our site in Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop as you are creating your site. This helps to design a site that all visitors in mind.

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