Squarespace Online Business Review June 2019

The other day I was talking to someone and they had a lot of projects, big projects going on at once. They expressed concern over the fact that June was basically over and all the work they wanted to get done hadn’t been completed yet. 

🙋🏽‍♀️I’ve certainly been there.

I told the individual that June seemed to come out of nowhere. April and May went by so fast that when June came along I said, “Whoa, June! You’re here!” And now, it’s gone.

The year is halfway over. Half of 2019 is done and gone. Wow!

In the spirit of hitting this mid-way mark, I think it’s high-time to reflect upon the last six months of the calendar year and take a little inventory. What have I done in the last six months? What worked? What didn’t?


  • Set goals for 2019 with the question of what I’d like to accomplish in mind.

  • Participated in Meg Summerfield’s Squarespace Design Guild Mastermind

  • Client work - yay!


  • Continued Mastermind

  • Started sharing my Squarespace and Business knowledge via my blog

  • Client work - yay!


  • Setup MailChimp and created two content upgrades

  • Created an email welcome sequence for new subscribers and set it up in MailChimp

  • Completed the Mastermind

  • Client work - yay!



  • Continued to blog regularly

  • Reviewed traffic to website

  • Client work - yay!


  • Started using both Pinterest and Tailwind for my blog

  • Returned to blogging after a month’s lapse

  • Celebrated my one-year business anniversary

  • Client work - yay!


  • 3rd and 4th quarter planning: July - December

  • Built editorial calendar for blog; planned content for the next six months

  • Revisited business podcasts

  • Started revising and updating my portfolio

  • Switched from Mailchimp to Convertkit

What Worked

Initially I thought winter would be slow. Fortunately, a lot of work came my way and I was able to work on some great projects. It may have been my busiest time thus far. 

Just before the major holidays were in full swing, I signed up for Meg Summerfield’s Squarespace Design Guild Mastermind. From January to early March, the Mastermind took me to a whole other level of Squarespace design. In fact, a review of the experience is in order since there is a lot to share.

With enrollment in the Squarespace Design Guild Mastermind came a great community of Squarespace web designers. Although the mastermind ended in March, I’m still active in the community, which is wonderful. Having the support there led me to find another group on Facebook led by Sarah Moon and Kath O’Malley. 

Having the opportunity to chat with other designers has been really wonderful. Isn’t it nice to chat with others in your field? Spending time with other creative entrepreneurs offers another layer of support. 

What Didn’t Work

Mailchimp. I spent a good part of March trying to make Mailchimp do things that it isn’t designed to do. Initially it served me well, and now in this next stage of my business, I’m looking for some support. After years of hearing about Convertkit, I made the leap this month, and OMG! 

Convertkit is like buttah! It is so smooth, easy to use, and adds just the right flavor to my business. Thank you, Mailchimp! Hellooo, Convertkit! Soon, I will revise my post on the tools I use to run my business and update it with my Convertkit discoveries.

Something else that didn’t work for me is comparing myself to others, and self-doubt. Podcasts, blog posts, and discussion with other female creative entrepreneurs and small business owners reveals I’m not the only one who struggles with this. 

It helps to know that others face it, too, and that they do it anyway. They follow through on their dreams, they do not give up, and they just do. it. anyway. I love that. I love the endurance of my fellow women business owners. They feel all the things and just go right on with their aspirations. Bravo, ladies!

So, what about you? How’s your year been so far? What have you been working on and what have you learned?

Let me know in the comments below. If there’s anything I can help you with, let me know!

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