9 Stunning Websites Designed On Squarespace - Small Business Edition

Show, don’t tell is one of the first lessons I learned in college, and the one I’m least likely to forget. Every English and Literature professor encountered on my higher ed journey stressed this point about writing. 

I majored in Comparative Literature in undergrad and grad school, so I heard this one a lot. 

One professor was so adamant about showing rather than telling that I can recall a paper graded solely on the author’s ability to transport the readers. If this couldn’t be done, then it was back to the drawing board, er, laptop, for a rewrite. 

I hadn’t imagined that showing versus telling would continue to play out in life. But here it is, popping up in my career as a Squarespace web designer.  It feels especially relevant when it comes to the Squarespace or WordPress debate. 

I’ve written posts about WordPress versus Squarespace and offered my years of experience with both platforms to help others distinguish enough of a difference to make a decision. I’ve listed my points and offered good reasons for using Squarespace, and why someone might choose it over WordPress. 

Sometimes talking about a visual thing isn’t always enough. Instead of listing reasons why Squarespace is not as limited as one thinks, or stating all the things it can do and how it can support women-owned businesses really well, I figure it’s time to show, not tell.

My professors would be so proud! 😂

In this post, I’ve rounded up some pretty impressive sites, websites that stun and surprise. Below you’ll find examples of small business websites and the designers that challenge the idea that Squarespace is limited.

Squarespace Small Business Website Examples



The sites above show that Squarespace is a powerful platform. One of its most powerful aspects is its ability to be manageable for many. The platform is not overcomplicated, and with the right partner, a Squarespace site can be down right stunning!

Squarespace can be managed on one’s own, but that doesn’t mean one has to go it alone. A designer can help you translate your dream website into a reality. With a talented designer by your side, a website that turns heads is possible!

If you would like help with yours, please visit my services page. If you have questions, I offer complimentary, non sales-y consult calls, so feel free to schedule yours, today!

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