The Squarespace Setting That Keeps Your Site Secure And Google-Friendly

Have you ever tried to look up a website but Google blocked it? The page your search landed on told you the page was unsafe, right? Instead of reaching the site you wanted to visit you were blocked by like, a virtual doorman.

Chances are, the site you wanted to visit wasn’t exactly a virus-ridden site. But Google wanted to be extra sure that it wasn’t. To protect one’s data and offer security measures Google looks for sites that have the HTTPs encryption - a setting available to Squarespace users.

Previously, eCommerce sites required this kind of encryption. Perhaps you recall when these types of sites were displaying little green locks in the address bar of the web page. This little green lock communicated that the site being visited was encrypted, secure. (Grey locks are en vogue these days.)

This level of security isn’t just for eCommerce sites anymore. Now, Google encourages all websites to have HTTPs encryption active. Without a site having this setting in place, it may be blocked by Google. Individuals wanting to visit your site may be prevented from doing so if you do not have this setting active on your site.


SEO - search engine optimization, is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results


If you’re familiar with SEO and wondering how this impacts your rankings, you, my friend, are on the right track! Without HTTPs active on your site, not only are visitors unable to reach your site but, it impacts whether Google will even rank your site in search results. This may go to show how seriously the largest, most used and popular search engine takes this site setting.

For Squarespace users, this is a pretty simple and easy fix.

How to Activate HTTPS

To activate HTTPs on your site, take the following actions:

Step 01: Login to your Squarespace site

Head on over to Squarespace and login at:

Step 02: Navigate to Settings

From the home menu, click on SETTINGS

Step 03: Click on ADVANCED

From the SETTINGS menu, scroll down to ADVANCED

Step 04: Look for SSL

In the ADVANCED menu, look for SSL. Once you’ve found it, click on it to be taken inside.

You want to ensure that SECURE (PREFERRED) is selected. If not, click on this.

Your site might already have this selected but, sites connected before October 24, 2016 are insecure by default so you'll want to check on this if your site has been active on Squarespace already.

Underneath, this setting, you’ll also want to put a check mark next to HSTS Secure.

That’s it! Your site is now secure.

Video Tutorial of HTTPS

For a video demonstration of these steps, check out the brief video below. Please note, there is no sound on this - it’s purely visual.

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