Is A Collaboration With Studio Bianca Right For You?


Hiring and working with a Squarespace web designer can do wonders for your website and your business. Finding the right person for the project can feel as big a task as the website itself, right?

You have probably discovered that each web designer has their own process. In trying to find the perfect fit, you may have encountered a wide variety of design styles, approaches, timelines, and prices.

I value transparency and ease. As a creative entrepreneur and small business owner myself it feels good to work with a brand that also values these things and helps me save time. I believe in extending the same courtesy to other creatives and business owners.

I provide answers to many of the questions individuals have that come up when looking for a designer. Of course, I love of good chat over the phone but, I know many of you have a list of things to do and would love to have a few more answers to your questions available on my site.

In this post, I’ve compiled some of the questions I receive from other creatives and business owners who have trusted me to make their website dreams a reality.

This doesn’t mean we can’t talk. Please, get in touch!

In the meantime, have a look at some of my common questions below:

“I know nothing about tech and I am not sure where to begin.” Or “I do not like tech at all and do not really want to deal with it so, how will this work?”

No worries at all because that is what I am here for! You do not have to be tech savvy or even tech interested to have a clean, modern website that fully represents your brand vision. I am here to ensure that this happens.

I love the creative as well as the technical and understand completely that not everyone else does. I aim to offer clear communication and speak in plain English so you can feel at ease with this process.

No techno babble, here!

“I’m in (your city name here). Can I still hire you?”


99% of my clientele lives in another city, state, or region of the United States. Sometimes, they’re even abroad.

I utilize some fantastic tools and technologies to help facilitate a headache-free working environment for both of us. Many of these my clients already use, too!

Despite the distance between us, I strive to create a comfortable workspace where you can express your needs and wants.  


need help?

Get in touch for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

“How will we work together if we’re in different places?”

I have a curated collection of tools used daily in my business. Some of these tools include online scheduling, video conferencing, project management systems, and email.

Communication is very important to me, so I make myself available to you. I respond to all forms of communication within 24 business hours. No ghosting here!

Each client receives access to my calendar so you can schedule a time to talk that is convenient for you. I respond to emails within 24 hours and offer video chats if somethings needs a visual explanation.

Sound good? (It’s actually one of my favorite aspects of being the owner of a design studio - I love talking to clients and collaborators.)

“Will maintaining my website be difficult?”

I have created on WordPress and WiX in addition to building custom coded sites for clients. The creative entrepreneurs and small business I work with are supported the best by Squarespace since most of the maintenance is done for them.

You won’t have to worry about security updates or software installs because Squarespace takes care of all of this for you. It is part of the service so, one less thing to have to do or be concerned about.

During our lesson on launch day, I will walk you through your website and show you how to change photos or text on your site. I have recordings of how to do these which you will have access to so, if you need a refresher you will be able to take care of it, no problem!

“Can I hire you to maintain my website?”

I certainly understand that busy boss life so, yes! Previous clients are welcome to contact me if you need a few things taken care of on your site.

You will still receive the same fast response from me that you receive when we were getting your fabulous site up and running.

It is always a pleasure to work with previous clients again.

What do I need to provide? What is content?

Any content that you would like on your site. Content can be images, graphics, videos, links, and text/copy that you would like on your site.

Clients receive their own shared folder on Dropbox where content can be placed. I will access this folder to retrieve your content and share final files with you. My project management system, Asana is also capable of receiving and sharing files so, content can be shared there as well.


ditch the overwhelm!

An experienced, compassionate Squarespace web designer is just a click away.

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