Take This First Step to Create A Profitable Website

Building your website can be a super overwhelming process. Even though a platform like Squarespace makes things easy on us business owning gals, there are still a lot of steps in the web design process.

All of these steps actually have an order to them, too. Lining them all up to check them off is possible, and knowing where to start makes it all happen. So, I am going to start from the beginning and take you through it all in a series of posts.

Consider this post #1 in a foundation of steps that lead to the design of your site - the Pre-design phase. Before taking on #allthethings of web design, I’m going to start with the basics. This one comes before templates, colors, and fonts, but not to worry, I’ll get to all the creative stuff, too. And if you follow along, by the time it comes to selecting fonts, deciding on typography, and choosing colors, you’ll be ready!

Building a squarespace Website

A few years ago, a guy named Simon Sinek wrote a book called, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Since the launch of his book and his lauded TED Talk, the internet has been a buzz with the concept of starting with why - one’s motivation for doing something.

For a business leader, this idea resonates, right? Before doing something, it makes sense to identify the reason behind the actions.

So, Sinek calls upon us to ask “why.” Posing this question grounds us and links us to our motivation for doing something, in this case, our business. And guess what? Our websites are absolutely no different.

With our websites, we ask “why?” We can also be human. We can be personal. And the more we do this, the greater chance we have of connecting with those who can use our help, our community. We are are searching for those who want our solutions, those we can help. So, you’re in luck!

Although a website can seem like it is anything but soft or tangible, it doesn’t mean we have to be. In fact, it’s that human connection that we start with that makes a website feel warm and inspire our site visitors to reach and connect with us, buy from us, and shop with us.

Setting a goal for our website helps guide us toward the welcoming presence we strive for in a website that attracts our ideal clients, our ideal customers and invites them to work with us or do business with us.

Setting squarespace website goals

So, now that we know we can not only be human beings behind our digital technologies but that it also has a place in the tech world, we’re now going to establish some goals for our sites.

This is the best place to start when creating a website.

So, let’s get started.

Step 1 - Grab a Sheet of Paper!

Grab a sheet of paper or your cozy up with your favorite brainstorming tools and just write. We’re going to start with a brain dump of all of the things we’d like to achieve with our websites.

Feel free to just be free, and be creative - ask yourself what you would like your website to do!

If you need some help, consider the following questions:

  • Why am I creating a website

  • What do I want to get from my website?

  • Who will my audience be?

Step 2 - Consider your business

Now write down some goals you have specifically for your business. What would you like to achieve online in your business?

Remember, an optimized website is an exceptionally powerful ally to your business. It is a multitasking, tireless employee.

Step 3 - Connect the dots

Sift through your brain dump. Are you able to see any connections between what you would like your business to achieve? Are there bridges you can build between these ideas?

Start forming some business goals that can be achieved through your website.

Some examples are:

  • Stand out in your field or industry

  • Reach a broader audience with your product or service

  • Gain greater brand recognition

  • Develop or open a new channel of sales

  • Get more clients or sell more products

Link the goals you have for your website and your business together based on what you’ve brainstormed. And by the way, the examples listed above are all real life goals that have been and can be accomplished with a website.

Step 4 - Select Your Goals

If you have your list, and it is a little long, now is the time to whittle it down to 5. This might be difficult but, look at your list and ask if some goals are similar, or if some goals cannot be completed without doing something first on your list.

Step 5 - Refine a little further

Yup, we’re going to get really specific here and refine our goals to a few super sharp ones.

For your website, you want to have at least one goal, no more than three, and two is a sweet spot.

For example, with my website, I want to accomplish two things:

  • Be available for questions and conversation to those who need my help

  • Create a pathway for interested individuals to do business with me

My website is set-up this way because I want to offer an option to those who are ready to solve their problems immediately and be available to those who might have a few more questions.

So, think of your target customer or client - what are their needs? Do they need quick action, someone to connect with to pose questions? Maybe they want to be able to do everything on their own without any human contact at all.

squarespace Website Goals set

Well done! You’ve completed one of the most important steps in creating a website. Can you believe it? You’re already on your way to getting the website of your dreams!

No, really!

With your website goal(s) in place, you will now be able to make other decisions so much easier. Knowing the why behind your website will bring about much needed clarity to all the other decisions that come with having a solid online presence.

Thank you for joining me on this one! I hope this exercise helped.

If you have any questions or want to share your website goals, pop them in the comments below and I will answer asap.


Defining and establishing goals is a first and a very important step in the web design process.

Take a moment to brainstorm what you hope to achieve with your website and the goals you have for your business.

Look at your draft of ideas and create a bridge between your website and your business. Create a list of 5 goals. Try to go from 5 goals to 3.

Have at least 1 goal for your business, no more than 3 goals, but 2 can be the sweet spot.

With your goals established, you’re one step closer to a successful, profitable website. Keep your goals nearby and in mind throughout the entire web design process.

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