20 Business-Building Uses for Squarespace Cover Pages

Before my own Squarespace website went live I used a cover page. Sometimes referred to as a one page website, my cover page served as the online presence of Studio Bianca until I finished my full site.

As many do, I side-hustled my creative business into existence. Between my full-time+ job and early design clients, there wasn’t a lot of time to work on my brand’s website. In its place, I used a cover page - a feature available to all Squarespace customers.

This helped to keep the ball rolling on my business. Potential clients and customers didn’t arrive to a blank page or a generic looking message. Instead, I was able to create a personalized, branded experience while still in the early stages of my business.

From time to time I would surface from behind the scenes to quickly change information on the cover page. Keeping it updated was a sign that my site and my business were very much alive and well.

My cover page helped me keep site visitors informed and updated with details on my progress, offerings, and availability. The Call To Action button available on every cover page layout enabled me to gather client info so I could stay connected with my growing community until my site was live.

After Studio Bianca launched I still found uses for cover pages. It turns out this is a very versatile Squarespace feature with many business-building benefits.

Take a look at the list below to discover the many ways a Squarespace cover page can boost your business. You can use a Squarespace Cover Page as a:

  1. Under Construction page

Need a little downtime? Swap out the page you’re working on for an Under Construction page. Be sure to use the handy Call To Action buttons to redirect site visitors to other areas of your site.

Anything under the Landing cover page layout will be your go-to here!

2. Coming Soon page

Launching a new website? Create a cover page to let people know! Instead of individuals coming to a generic page, offer them an introduction to your brand.

Add your fonts, colors, and imagery so people can get a feel for your business. While they are there, give them a reason to connect with you so you can get their email address and let them know when your full site launches.

Any of the cover page layouts under Landing will do just fine.

3. Sign-up page

Offering something that welcomes attendees? Direct them to your own sign-up page. This can be really useful if you’re collaborating with another brand.

This one-page website can include both your branding and your collaborator's branding while still maintaining the individuality of your main site.

Use any of the cover page layouts under Landing.

4. Event page

Hosting an event? Partnering with others to host this event? Consider a cover page to showcase how this event might something different or perhaps even something a little special.

Perhaps it’s a pop-up event, a training session, or an appearance. Whatever the occasion, a cover page will help you showcase your event.

Options under the Landing cover page layout or Location will be helpful here!

 5. Sales Page

Have a digital product you would like to offer? Maybe you want to direct individuals from other sources as a step in you your sales funnel. In this case, a cover page will do nicely!

Your sales page could be a video giving an introduction to your offering. You do not have to be limited here. Several layouts can really help your product or service stand out.

6. Social Media Challenge

Hosting an Instagram challenge? Maybe you’re offering your own 30 day.

Create a cover page specifically for this occasion and direct individuals to this page. In addition to giving people the opportunity to participate, you can also guide them to your site afterward.

A cover page will allow you to place emphasis on this limited-time gift of service from your brand without disrupting the messaging on your main site.

7. Promote a new offering, product, or service

Having a sale but don’t want to disrupt your customer’s shopping experience with annoying pop-ups? Get yourself a cover page.

It can be placed at the beginning of your customer’s shopping experience before they visit your main shop. Using the Call To Action buttons you can guide people to the page or section of your store with all the sales items.

I’d recommend the Flash layout for this one.

8. Thank you page

Want a really personal, customized way to share gratitude? Create a cover page for this. You can make it really cute and personal with any of the Landing cover page layouts, but I think Profile could work really well for this, too!

Be sure to include a button to bring people back into your site. Don’t leave ’em hanging!

 9. Social activism page

Is social justice a part of your brand’s mission or core values?

Perhaps you want to gather signatures or direct awareness to a particular cause or campaign. Yup, you guessed it, cover pages are your friend here.

Give a voice to your cause with a focused one page site that offers powerful calls to action and the chance to get others involved.

The Mission cover page layout is just the thing for this, too!

10. Sharing a video

If you’re looking for a simple solution to video sharing, the Video layout will suit your needs. Instead of sharing your whole site with a collection of videos, you can share one.

There’s further creativity here and abilities to offer a unique brand storytelling experience with this multimedia cover page layout option.

Experiment and see how the Video layout can work for you.

11. Starter website

As mentioned earlier, my own cover page served as a stand-in for my full site. I sort of launched before I was ready, and months later I was able to get around to launching Studio Bianca.

If you’re short on time, or you have quite figured out the look and feel of your website, it’s totally fine to start small. A Squarespace cover page packs a lot into a single page while remaining clean and modern.

Implement a cover page for your brand while you still get things sorted. The layout for your cover page will simply depend on the intention of your creative brand or small business.

12. Lead Magnet or Content Upgrade

Directing traffic from your social media profiles or newsletter? Perhaps you’ve got some other funneling tactics up your sleeve (psst! Please share if this is the case).

A cover page is a great place to promote your lead magnets and content upgrades. Dedicating a one page site to these offerings keep the focus on your gift and invite visitors to engage.

Photo Courtesy of Made of Myth

13. Homepage

A cover page can easily be your homepage. It can serve as the front door to your site and guide folks in via Call To Action Buttons.

You probably guessed it, the Landing cover page layout is best for this. Of course, as a creative brand, the Audio or Video cover page layouts might be more your speed. These options can share your creative vision and talent up front in a structured way without competing with other elements on your website.

14. Resume

Formatting a resume online can be a headache and a half. This line isn’t quite right, the font is off in this section, and oh, how did that get over there. No Bueno!

As a creative, you may need a space to draw attention to professional achievements while looking polished and profesh at the same time. This is where a cover page can come in handy!

Go for the Profile cover page layout option and style your heart out! This is an area where linking to your social media profiles makes perfect sense, so add those, too!

15. Podcast

Whether you want to announce your latest episodes or simply draw attention to your podcast, an Audio cover page layout is just the thing. You can even add multiple episodes to this one page.

Because of cover pages unique structure, placing your podcast details here can give a unique look. This is great if your podcast might be hosted by you but slightly different from your usual brand messaging.

16. Test out a new product, service, or idea

Have an idea for something new but are not quite ready to place it next to your regular offerings? Cover page!

Not only can you use this feature to test things out but, with Call To Action buttons you can also collect information from interested parties.

Select a cover page from the Landing layout options and you’re good to go!

 17. Creating a unique 404 error page

The usual 404 error page does not direct individuals back to your website. It kind of just leaves them there, and without any direction forward, your site visitor might just up and leave.

Creating your own empowers you to guide visitors back to your site and help get them to where they’re trying to go. Instead of giving a frustrating experience, you can remain helpful and welcoming with your own page.

With opportunities to brand, implement graphics and/or images as well as Call To Action buttons, your error page can be charming rather than annoying.

Here’s another opportunity to get creative, so use a layout style that appeals to your brand’s audience.

18. Announcement

Using a cover page to share some news is a great way to call attention to it. Since cover pages are different from other Squarespace pages, you can put the unique aspects to good use.

A cover page can have its own unique look and feel which allows you to highlight information in a special way.

For an announcement, just about any of the cover page layouts will work. It’s just a matter of how creative you would like to get!

19. Sharing a new song or full album

Above, I covered some of this under Podcast, but this deserves some consideration. Using a cover page for your song or album is just another way to get more bang for your Squarespace buck.

Perhaps you want to promote your new music but also want to include a little about your band. Maybe you want to package this a little differently.

20. Displaying a slideshow

Another media sharing option is to use a cover page layout that highlights a collection of images in a slideshow. For images, several of the cover page layouts will work for you.

The page can also be linked to your main navigation for a super simple way to create a slideshow on your website.


  • Squarespace cover pages are versatile, flexible pages with multiple uses.

  • This feature is included in every plan and can be incorporated in ways that save you time.

  • Cover pages are laser-focused but offer unique opportunities to provide and display information.

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